How to Find the Best Cruise Deals Online

How to Find the Best Cruise Deals Online

There are hundreds of sites selling cruises online, but the best way to find amazing deals is to join a travel membership club such as inCruises.

What is inCruises and how does it work?

inCruises truly change the way families and individuals plan, save and pay for their cruise vacations.

To become a member of inCruises you pay US$ 100 per month. For each US$ 100 you pay, inCruises give you 200 Cruise Dollars. Cruise Dollars are credits or points the members can use towards purchasing a cruise in full or further reducing the cost of their next cruise vacation. This means that inCruises double your money and reduce your cruise vacation cost with 50%.

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Therefore, in essence, you pay US$ 100 per month to become and remain an active Member. Members earn 200 Cruise Dollars for each $100 payment. Cruise Dollars accumulate and rollover month-after-month and they never expire as long as you remain an active Member. You can use your Cruise Dollars to book either Global Destination offers or Dream Cruises.

Dream Cruises are hand-selected offers. You can use 100% of your available Cruise Dollars to book Dream Cruises. With Global Destination, you can book any cruise you want from the thousands of available offers inCruises have on their site, or through your preferred booking method (travel agent, other website, etc.) You can use your Cruise Dollars to pay up to 50% of the total booking cost of any Global Destination offer, subject to a per year, per cruise, maximum number of Cruise Dollars (500 during year 1, 750 during year 2 and 1000 during year 3 and thereafter.)

However, that is not all. inCruises have special arrangements with all major cruise lines and offer already discounted cruise vacation packages. As a result, depending on the destination, you can get up to 65% discount on your next cruise trip!

How inCruises can afford to offer such deals?

There are a number of factors, which allow them to make this possible. Those factors include, inCruises recurring membership model, agreements with travel partners who have pre-negotiated rates and amenities and substantial buying power with the cruise lines, as well as commissions they earn on each booking. inCruises also take into account that most of their Members will not cruise at the same time.

And if you want to get a free membership, you can join inCruises optional Independent Business Partner Program. As a partner, you can earn commissions by referring others to the club and reduce your cost or even earn you a part-time or full-time income. inCruises also offer a unique program that waives your monthly membership dues if you personally refer 5 paying members who have an active membership.

You can learn more on inCruises Partnership page.